Reblog…Reshare: Litha Sabbat Index: Rites, Potions, and Recipes for the Summer Solstice | Heron Michelle — The Sisters of the Fey

The Summer Solstice is almost upon us. Are you ready? *** Litha Sabbat for Witches is celebrated on the longest day of the year. This index of articles has ideas for rituals and spells, with potions and pot-luck […] Source: Litha Sabbat Index: Rites, Potions, and Recipes for the Summer Solstice | Heron Michelle via Reshare:... Continue Reading →


Reblog….Floral Doughnuts with Edible Summer Solstice Flowers for Litha — Moody Moons

These carnival-colored floral doughnuts enliven any summer handfasting, Midsummer’s Eve, Summer Solstice or Litha celebration! Tie on your kitchen witch apron and create something special for your summer Sabbat ritual. Please note: This post may contain affiliate links for your convenience. If you’re super bored, you can read all about this practice on Moody Moon’s… via... Continue Reading →

Reblog..9 Ways to Use Glitter in Witchcraft — Moody Moons

Glenda-the-Good-Witch understood the magic of glitter. Girlfriend was practically swimming in it with in that gianormous, tulip-shaped ballgown of hers. It’s no wonder photographers, props masters and costume designers so often include glitter as a metaphor for magic in theatrical productions. There’s just something unmistakably mystical about sparkling bits of light flying through the air.… via... Continue Reading →

Reblog…The Witch And The Rabbit: Moon Magick, Shapeshifting, Messages From the Dead And A Rebirth Ritual | Cyndi Brannen — The Sisters of the Fey

“Once regarded as the favorite familiar of witches, rabbits have a long history of involvement in all forms of magick, from their power of transformation to their quickness. Long known as messengers of the departed and strongly associated with the moon. As a harbinger of seasonal change, rabbits contribute greatly to the Wheel of the […]... Continue Reading →

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