Reblog…Green Witch: 17 Books for the Beginning Magical Herbalist — Moody Moons

Do you look forward to gardening season like a giddy school girl? Would you rather sit in an herbal bath than watch Netflix? Do you know every magical herb on the shelf of your local occult shop? Did the occult shop actually hire you to maintain their plant-based stock?You’re almost certainly a natural green witch… via... Continue Reading →


Reblog…The Witch And The Rabbit: Moon Magick, Shapeshifting, Messages From the Dead And A Rebirth Ritual | Cyndi Brannen — The Sisters of the Fey

“Once regarded as the favorite familiar of witches, rabbits have a long history of involvement in all forms of magick, from their power of transformation to their quickness. Long known as messengers of the departed and strongly associated with the moon. As a harbinger of seasonal change, rabbits contribute greatly to the Wheel of the […]... Continue Reading →

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