The Less Known Paths…what are they?

Okay there are many types of witches that work closely with the earth, nature and their surroundings. We’re going to explore 10 different ones and give some insight into them, books you can read, and maybe help point someone in the direction they were looking for. First off we will list all the different witches... Continue Reading →


Eclectic Witchcraft..Personal Journey

Eclectic Witchcraft and how it fits…. What is an Eclectic Witch? What does he or she do? How does this effect their magic and their views on subjects? Well friends I am here to help shed some light on this as my path is Eclectic and has been for the most part since I found... Continue Reading →

Asatru Shedding Light on an Old Path

So what is Ásatrú anyway? the easiest explanation is This Icelandic termed word is a combination of Ása-, "of the gods," and -trú, which can be translated to mean "true or loyal to". So thus, Ásatrú means roughly, "True or loyal to the gods". The referenced gods are the gods of the Northern Europeans. These... Continue Reading →

Dragon Magic/Draconic Magic

    This type of magic is interesting to me because as much of do we use deities, spirit guides, fairies etc.. What about dragons? Dragons with their greatness, beauty and lore are profoundly interesting. To use Dragons in magic or to walk this path is not for the faint of heart, and requires inner... Continue Reading →

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