Reblog..Part 3 — Let’s Talk About Karma. — Eclipsed Words By Aishwarya Shah

What goes around, comes around. We all believe in karmic laws, just name and think to suit our direction. You may not be aware of it, but your thoughts and actions are so powerful that they carry energy. What you think and do echoes through time and throughout eternity. And, because our lives are interlinked,… via... Continue Reading →


Reblog..9 Ways to Use Glitter in Witchcraft — Moody Moons

Glenda-the-Good-Witch understood the magic of glitter. Girlfriend was practically swimming in it with in that gianormous, tulip-shaped ballgown of hers. It’s no wonder photographers, props masters and costume designers so often include glitter as a metaphor for magic in theatrical productions. There’s just something unmistakably mystical about sparkling bits of light flying through the air.… via... Continue Reading →

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