DIY…finding colors to use in crafts

I always love going to the paint section of any hardware store and looking at the latest color trends or finding a unique color combo, but can you take those and convert them to your crafts...sure why not? Color inspiration is everywhere nature gives us beautiful colors every spring and summer when flowers are in... Continue Reading →


Reblog…10 Mini Rituals for Your Daily Spiritual Practice – The Witch of Lupine Hollow — The Sisters of the Fey

Finding time to honor our Pagan roots or path can sometimes be difficult to fulfill on a daily basis. The Witch of Lupine Hollow has some great suggestions. ❤ Click the link below to read more. Ten quick and easy ideas to connect with your spirituality on the go on a daily basis! Source: 10 […]... Continue Reading →

Reblog…The Witch And The Rabbit: Moon Magick, Shapeshifting, Messages From the Dead And A Rebirth Ritual | Cyndi Brannen — The Sisters of the Fey

“Once regarded as the favorite familiar of witches, rabbits have a long history of involvement in all forms of magick, from their power of transformation to their quickness. Long known as messengers of the departed and strongly associated with the moon. As a harbinger of seasonal change, rabbits contribute greatly to the Wheel of the […]... Continue Reading →

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