Days lost

Sorry everyone I did not get to finish my blogs for October but unfortunately have been u der the weather but I will be posting some articles in the next coming days and do a Samhain special tomorrow...I appreciate all my readers that stop by. Much love


Day 24

Full Moon and how to Utilize it... The full moon on Wednesday, October 24, 2018, at 1° Taurus joins the planet Uranus. Therefore the Full Moon October 2018 astrology is about change, excitement, and uncertainty, especially in relationships. Venus opposite Uranus focuses the change and uncertainty on love relationships but also your finances. The October... Continue Reading →

Day 23

Natural Remedies I do post about natural remedies and yes there are tons you can make yourself I will feature some for the cold an flu season as it is upon us. Cold and Flu Prevention Strategies Cough and sneeze into your elbow. Instead of covering your cough with your hand, turn your head and... Continue Reading →

Day 22

Meditation and learning how to Newcomers to meditation often feel intimidated. They imagine a monk sitting in lotus pose for hours on end atop a mountain. But the reality is that meditation is much easier and accessible than most people realize. Here is a simple 10 step beginner’s guide to meditation: 1. Sit tall The... Continue Reading →

Day 21

Retrogrades what to understand when they happen When a planet “turns retrograde,” it appears to orbit the sun in a backward motion. This phenomenon is purely visual—no planets can actually move backward, according to the laws of physics. Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are called “Higher Planets” because they move at the slowest pace and bring... Continue Reading →

Day 20

Day 20- Ethics why is it important in our communities Here is a subject that doesn't get touched on very often but for anyone entering in it is very important for them to understand even witches, druids, shamans, voodoo and hoodoo have ethics they live by. Simply Ethics is moral principles that govern a person's... Continue Reading →

DAY 19

Day 19- Protection what things you can do to protect your Home etc.. Protection for any magical home or any home is always important because the hearth is a sacred place where we retreat to recharge, learn, and work our magic in peace. It is also important for when you move into a new place... Continue Reading →

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